Friday, February 16, 2007

Here's a "chick" book...


by Susan Shreve

Alyssa Reed's life is good, even if she doesn't realize it. She has a home, parents who love her, four cats, a goat, and friends. But Alyssa's life turns upside-down when her new sister is stillborn, her mother falls into a deep depression, and her father finds a new woman and a new apartment. Furthermore, she is forced to move to a new apartment away from all that she loves and start at a school where she has no friends.

Because her life is changing so much and so quickly, she decides to change her name as well. She becomes Blister, "Like when your shoes are too tight... That's my new name." (38)

To try and fit in better at school, she lies about her family, steals her father's girlfriend's clothes and jewelry, and then tries out for the cheerleading squad. But will all these changes and lies really help make her life better? Or will they only make things much, much worse?


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