Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tortured Souls

Tortured Souls
by Kimber Leigh Wheaton

Kacie was born with the ability to see ghosts.  They've always been around and she's done her best to send them on their way to the great beyond even though she's had to hide what she's doing.  Her mother left her family years before because of this gift and her father has blamed her ever since.

Now it's time to stop hiding who she is and Logan, a gorgeous guy with similar gifts, is going to help her learn how to control her powers.  Then Logan introduces her to the Orion Circle, a group of people with talents ranging from empathy to the ability to read the history of objects with just a touch.

As she learns more about who she is, Kacie also learns more about the supernatural world around her. She also learns that there is a murderous spirit that has trapped the souls of thirteen children in a manor, and that spirit has set his sights on Kacie.

Now she must find a way to free those souls, while still keeping hers.

Final thoughts:  I like the premise and there were some good moments, but this was a little messy. There were some serious jumps in the story where things could really have been given some detail and there was an extremely annoying wink at Twilight with a mention of werewolves and the Native American reservations where they are kept safe.  This could be an interesting series if the author ups her game a little.

Rating: 3/5

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ghost House

Ghost House
by Alexandra Adornetto

Just days after her mother suddenly dies, Chloe's grandmother takes her and her brother away from their home and their father and brings them back with her to England.  They wind up in a renovated mansion in the English countryside, away from distractions, including WiFi.

Now Chloe has nothing much to pass the time except a few horses, helping around the house, and chatting with the ghosts that haunt the home.

Because suddenly, without her mother to give her the strength she needed, Chloe's "gift" for seeing the dead has come back full force.  

The good = Alexander Reade - 150-year-old ghost of a 23-year-old man who is very good looking and seems to really like Chloe.

The bad = Isobel Reade - 150-year-old ghost who was the wife of Alexander's brother and Alexander's secret lover in life.

The ugly = the story that lead to their deaths and Isobel's desire to destroy anyone who could come between her and Alexander.

If only Chloe could ignore the pull she feels to Alexander... 

Final thoughts: Adornetto just can't seem to get her writing up to snuff.  She interrupts a great story with information that comes out of the blue and is truly unnecessary.  There are errors everywhere. The characters are inane and unsympathetic.  Chloe turns 18, but often whines like she's 8. She's completely incompetent and does nothing to fight the events around her.  She doesn't even really talk a good game.  This could have been a fascinating and gripping story in almost anyone else's hands.

Rating: 2/5


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