Thursday, January 28, 2010

King of the Screwups

King of the Screwups
by K. L. Going

Another party, another half-naked girl, another chewing out by his father.

Liam Geller is used to all of this.

He's been a screwup all is life, according to dear old dad.  He can't do anything right.  His grades are horrible. He's been kicked off the team.  He regularly gets drunk and parties all night long even though he knows it will disappoint his father.

However, this time, with this half-naked girl, on his father's desk, he's gone too far.

This time he gets kicked out.  The choice is go live with his father's parents, who live in Nevada and hate him completely, or his Uncle Pete, a gay glam-rocker who lives in a trailer park and hasn't spoken to the family in years.

So, Li goes to live with Pete, where he's determined to completely screwup this time, by being everything that he's not.  He's always been popular, but this time he'll screw that up by hanging out with the nerds. He's not a nerd, but he'll screw that up by studying and joining the AV club.  He's never been good at anything, but he'll screw that up by becoming great at something.

The only problem now is that he screws up screwing up!

Will his father ever approve of him?  Or will he screw up so much that he loses everything?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Also Known as Harper

Also Known as Harper
by Ann Haywood Leal

After her drunk father abandons her and her family, Harper Lee has little going for her.

Her baby sister was stillborn, which started her father drinking... and then leaving them.

Her mother can't afford the rent and they get evicted.

She, her mother, and her brother move into a hotel that just happens to be owned by her former landlady's sister.

Her former landlady sells everything they owned (that they couldn't take with them) in a yard sale (without warning).

Harper's mother needs to take any and every job she can get, so she makes Harper stay home from school to take care of her little brother.

Because she's home from school, she's missing the poetry contest that she's been dreaming about for a year, ever since her drunk father refused to sign the permission form the year before.

But at least she has her words and her notebook.  With them, she can make any bad situation seem less awful.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fortune's Folly

Fortune's Folly
by Deva Fagan

Fortunata's father used to make the best shoes in all of Valenzia.  But after her mother died, the "magic" of his shoe-making went with her and now Fortunata and her father must leave the city to find a new way to make money.

Forced to learn how to lie for a living by telling fortunes, Fortunata is faced with an even bigger problem: the prophecy that she herself spoke.

Now she must help a prince find a sword, a witch, a golden slipper, and a princess or her father will die for her lies.

How can she possibly save a prince, a princess, her father, and herself in less than a month?!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


by Maggie Stiefvater

Nearly seven years ago, Grace was yanked off of her swing by starving wolves in the middle of winter.  As she lay bitten and about to be eaten, another wolf felt sorry for her and saved her life.

For years she watched "her" wolf in the forest.  She listened to him howl.  She dreamed of being able to run with him.

And now her dreams may be coming true....

When he was still young, Sam was bitten by wolves and each year he becomes more and more wolf and less and less human.  Each year he has less and less time in human form.

This year is his last.

This year is his last chance.

This year, he takes the chance and talks to her.

But can there really ever be anything between them when the world is getting colder and his body needs to change?

This is the book that people have been waiting for since they finished reading the last Twilight book.  Who needs vampires when you've got werewolves?

Friday, January 15, 2010

How to Say Goodbye in Robot

How to Say Goodbye in Robot
by Natalie Standiford


So begins the strangest friendship at Canton High.

On Bea's first day at her new school, she meets Ghost Boy.  And that seems appropriate because her mother has called her a robot ever since Bea didn't cry the day that they found a gerbil, and later that day, found that same gerbil... dead.

What's the point of getting emotional over a gerbil that they knew for less than a day? 

Bea honestly doesn't see the fuss, but her mother is suddenly an emotional wreck.  Her father is disappearing from the house.  They've moved to a new town.  And Ghost Boy has come in to her life.

His mysterious message from "Future Beatrice" leads her to a strange midnight radio show, magic carpet rides, music, and secrets.

Jonah, aka "Ghost Boy", and his father have closet full of secrets just bursting at the hinges to get out.

But can Jonah handle the truth?  And can Bea handle the fallout?

If you've ever felt like you think on a different wavelength from everyone around you, this book will show you that you are definitely not alone in the world.


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