Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Claim to Fame

Claim to Fame
by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Child star Lindsay Scott disappeared from the Hollywood scene five years ago.  She's been living in a house with her father ever since, hiding from the world.

But now her father has died, she's been kidnapped, and everything she's depended on to keep her sane during the past five years has flipped upside-down.

Lindsay isn't ordinary and, as she soon discovers, she lives in a town filled with people and things just and un-ordinary as she.

Can Lindsay, her kidnappers, and her new-found friends find a way to keep her sane, find her mother, and get her to leave the safety of her own home without going crazy?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eyes Like Stars

Eyes Like Stars
by Lisa Mantchev

Beatrice Shakespeare Smith has a led a charmed life on the stage.


She actually lives on a stage, in a magical theatre, where the characters from every play ever written come to life and perform.

With no knowledge of her parents or even how she came to live there, Beatrice hopes to one day meet the mother she's never known.

Of course, she first has to prove that she has the right to stay there.  And since she seems to be better at blowing cannonballs through set pieces instead of building them, that may be harder than even she believes.

With her constant companions, the fairies from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Beatrice must direct Hamlet (set in Egypt), deal with a dangerous flirt (an air spirit from The Tempest), and try to understand the only man who seems to truly want her to stay safe (a sailor from The Little Mermaid).

Can Beatrice learn all the secrets of the Théâtre Illuminata before she's forced to leave and live in the real world?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Give Up the Ghost

Give Up the Ghost
by Megan Crewe

Cass is probably the most feared and hated girl in school.  She knows everybody's secrets and she has made sure that everyone knows she knows.  No one talks to her because everyone is afraid of her.  Even the teachers back away from her.

She wasn't always feared.  She once had friends and a social life.  But things changed one year when her best friend betrayed her.  After that, the entire school bullied her until she was able to bully back with her knowledge of every secret on campus. 

But for all the secrets that she knows, no one knows her's.

Ever since Cass's sister died, Cass has been able to see ghosts.  And ghosts like to talk, especially when so few can hear them.

So Cass listens and learns the secrets of the school and seems to think that she's keeping it all together.... Until the class VP figures out her secret and requests her help in contacting his newly dead mother.

Now Cass has to decide between staying with the ghosts she knows or facing the fleshies around her.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thirteenth Child

Thirteenth Child
by Patricia C. Wrede

Francine Rothmer (Eff to anyone who knows her) is the twin sister of Lan, the seventh son of a seventh son.  And, since sevens are the most powerful number in magic, being the seventh-seventh makes Lan the most powerful natural magician around.

This wouldn't be a problem, except that Eff is the thirteenth child.  And thirteen is the worst number to be.  Even at five years old, her own uncle tries to have her jailed for cursing her cousin, even though children can't work magic until they're ten.  The aunts even complain that she should have been drowned at birth and that it's never too late do it.

But Eff's mother, father, and siblings disagree that Eff is naturally bad, so they move out to the edge of the Great Barrier, where her father can teach magic to others and Eff can get away from the extended family.

Eff is given a chance to grow and learn without all the prejudices that surround a thirteen.  But is she really cursed?  Can she learn to manage the magic that surrounds everything the people do before it gets away from her and harms those she loves most?

This is an alternate reality book where the Great Barrier of magic was installed by Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, steam dragons threaten the settlers, and people live in the great country of Columbia near the Gulf of Amerigo.  What would the world have been like if magic truly was everywhere?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The School for Dangerous Girls

The School for Dangerous Girls
by Eliot Schrefer

Angela Cardenas is a "dangerous girl".... or at least her parents think so.

She steals, dates a boy far too old for her, and betrays a family member.  It's too much for her parents to take.  When they find out about Hidden Oak from distant relations who sent a daughter there because she, too, was "dangerous", they ship Angela before she has time to blink.

From day one, things are definitely not normal.  Confined to the "mansion", forbidden from leaving the building, locked in their rooms at night, spied on with video cameras that seem to be planted everywhere,  forced to play mind-games... and this is only the first month!

Can Angela find out the truth about Hidden Oak, and her own dangerous ways, before things go too far?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures
by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Small town life is a drag.

Small town life in a South Carolina town where everyone knows everyone and the Civil War is still referred to as the War of Northern Aggression is even more of a drag.

And Ethan knows better than most was a drag it is.

He's counting down the days until he graduates high school and can leave his little town.

That is, until Lena arrives.

First, she haunts his dreams with strange premonitions and visions.  And when he actually meets her in person, he can't stay away.

But Lena is more than just the new girl.  She's even more than the new girl who lives with her uncle, the infamous town recluse.  She's more than anyone even knows... even Lena herself.

And now Ethan and Lena have to find out about a family curse that seems destined to turn Lena into something dark and sinister on her sixteenth birthday.  A day that is coming far too quickly for anyone's comfort.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lips Touch

Lips Touch
by Laini Taylor
illustrations by Jim di Bartolo

Three short stories tell the tales of first kisses.

Kizzy has a strange family, strange traditions, and even strange clothes.  But her dreams are those of any girl.  She wants to be loved.  She wants to be adored.  She wants her first kiss to be something amazing.  When a new boy shows up and seems to be the one to fulfill all her dreams, will Kizzy fall for him?  Or will she remember her grandmother's warnings about goblins, temptations, and kisses?

Anamique has been cursed with the most beautiful voice in the world.  And it can literally kill.  One sound coming from her lips has the power to kill everyone around her.  When she falls in love with James, a man who doesn't believe in curses, will she risk the curse to tell him she loves him after their first kiss?

Without knowing it, our world is filled with demons known as Druj.  These immortal creatures have no emotions and no cares even though they sometimes believe that something is missing from their lives.  When the "pet" of the Queen of the Druj gets free with her daughter, events are set in motion that could change everything the Druj have ever known.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Snog Log

The Snog Log
by Michael Coleman

The first day back to school after the summer break begins like many others. However, Robbie and his friends notice a difference in the girls.

They've.... developed.

All around them, the girls who they teased for being flat-chested and boring-looking, have now begun to fill out their shirts and started to look hot.

In honor of this new discovery, the boys decide to hold a Snogathon, which is kind of like a Readathon, except that instead of counting pages read, they count the kisses given.

There are rules, of course. And some girls are worth more than others in points. But Robbie is determined to win, even if he doesn't always feel like this is appropriate.

With the Christmas dance coming, and his last chance to score with the girl formerly known as "Microscopic Mel" fast approaching, will Robbie be able to rack up enough points to win?

Note: this book is set in England, so some terms may be confusing. Luckily, there's a short glossary in the back to help. AND! You may learn a few terms to try out in class and confuse your teachers!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bad Apple

Bad Apple
by Laura Ruby

Tola Riley has always been a bit misunderstood. But can you blame her? Her parents have divorced. Her dad married an evil stepmother who seems to come straight from a Grimm's Fairy Tale. Her sister only thinks about death and the evils of the world. Her neighbor wants her to declaw her cat. And her former best friend has started a campaign to ruin the reputation of the only teacher in school who ever let Tola be herself.

It's been a bad year.

And things only get worse when no one believes her when she says that the teacher didn't do anything wrong. Her art isn't appreciated by any of the substitute teachers who change each day. Her own mom won't speak to her about what's going on. And her former best friend's mother is determined to ban almost every book in the school's library without having even read them.

Can she fix everything that's gone so wrong? And can she catch the eye of that cute guy even while it seems like everyone is just trying to ignore her?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


by Michael Grant

One moment they were there... Then next they were gone.

Every adult at Perdido Beach and the surrounding area disappears without a second's warning.

Every person fifteen and older is gone.

Only children remain after an accident at the local nuclear power plant nearly destroys everything, and those children have no idea what to do.

Now they have the run of the entire town! McDonald's is theirs! All the junk food they can eat! Even alcohol is theirs if they want it!

But Sam Temple knows that this is no time to celebrate. He, Astrid, Edilio, and Quinn, all set out to find out what happened and why there is a HUGE dome cutting off their home from the rest of the world.

And when the kids from the nearby "reform" school come to town and take over, they know there could be trouble.

Making matters worse are all the strange mutating creatures around like the seagulls with talons for hunting, the snakes with wings, and the coyotes who can talk.

What happened to Perdido Beach? Will they ever get out? Will anyone ever find them? And what will happen to Sam in just a few days when he turns fifteen?

(Part 1 of a series)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Princess of the Midnight Ball

Princess of the Midnight Ball
by Jessica Day George

Many may know the tale of the 12 Dancing Princesses. Barbie even has a DVD about it. But this retelling spins the tale of the humble soldier-turned-gardener who falls in love with the eldest princess and is determined to save her.

Along the way, there are magic spells, capes that make the wearer invisible, bargains with the king of the kingdom under stone, arranged marriages, death, murder, dancing, and Midnight Balls.

To save his beloved Princess Rose, Galen must be more clever than the average person, and more than a little lucky.

Can Galen save Rose from her mother's deal with the king bound to live underground by magic hundreds of years old? Can he prevent her and her 11 sisters from having to marry the 12 sons of that king? Can he stop the invasion of the king's grandchildren, who could possibly rise above the earth and take it over?

There's only one way to find out.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side
by Beth Fantaskey

Tired of the damsel-in-distress vampire stories? Need something you can really sink your teeth into?

Jessica (born Antanasia in Romania and adopted by American parents) is getting ready for the best senior year ever. She's top of the class, got the math championship in her sights, and the best looking guy on campus has finally figured out that she exists.

Nothing could ruin this for her.

Except maybe the extremely hot-looking foreigner from Romania who acts as if he's a prince (and he believes it, too)!

And when he moves to Jessica's place, calls her by her born name, and declares that not only are they promised to be married, but they're also vampire royalty... Well! Jessica decides that he's a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

However, he's determined, seems to be able to prove what he's saying, and did I mention hot! What's a girl to do?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Girl Stays in the Picture

Girl Stays in the Picture
by Melissa de la Cruz

Superstars! They're just like us!

Well... except for the movie star boyfriends, the parties, the designer clothes, the movie premieres, the yachts, the stage mothers, and the paparazzi... they really are just like us!

They scheme. They backstab. They try to steal boyfriends.

They are misunderstood. They are rumored about. They get cheated on. They get dumped.

They fall in love. They make BFFs. They learn to enjoy life.


Who wouldn't want to be one!??

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something to Blog About

Something to Blog About
by Shana Norris

Sometimes the only person you can talk to is yourself. And, since talking to yourself out loud makes you look a little crazy, a blog can be a great way to get out your feelings.

Now, Libby Fawcett knows that blogs (online diaries) can be dangerous, so she specifically signs up for one that is password protected. She's very careful to log out every time she's done. She hasn't even told her family and friends about it, so no one knows she even has it.

As she writes about her days, her friends, and her evil tormentor, she gets a place to let out her feelings, especially about her not-so-secret crush, Seth.

However, things are never as easy as that.

Libby's evil tormentor, Angel, also happens to be the daughter of the man that Libby's mom is dating. And neither one of them is happy about it.

If Angel ever finds out about her blog, and all the secrets it contains, Libby may never be able to survive the fallout.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


by David Small

When he was born, he was sick and always crying.

When he was six, he had all sorts of sinus problems. So his dad, a radiologist, took tons of x-rays as therapy to help make him better.

When he was eleven, a growth appeared on his neck. Instead of taking him to surgery to have it removed, his dad bought his mom a new car and new furniture for the house.

When he was fourteen, he finally got the surgery he needed. And then had a second one the next day. And THEN he found out that he had cancer and that was why the doctor had been forced to remove glands and one of his two vocal chords.

So now he is mostly silent. Watching his extremely dysfunctional family fall apart before his eyes. And drawing it all.

It isn't until he is finally allowed to go to therapy that he finds out that life isn't supposed to be this hard. Then and only then can he draw his way past it to a better life.

This graphic novel is a very quick read with artwork that brings truth to the saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. Stitches is a finalist for the 2009 National Book Award.

m or f?

m or f?
by Lisa Papademetriou and Chris Tebbetts

Frannie and Marcus are brain twins. They've known each other for years, finish each other's sentences, and have the same taste in everything.

They are perfect for each other.

As friends.

Did I forget to mention? Marcus is gay.

When Frannie falls for Jeffrey, Marcus is there to push her on and support her. He helps her get dressed for her date, encourages her to chase off the blonde who sticks to Jeffrey like glue, and helps her chat with Jeffrey online.

But Marcus gets a little too supportive when he continues to chat with Jeffrey online even when Frannie is not around.

As he gets to know Jeffrey, he's discovering that maybe his brain twin's perfect match may be his, as well.

So... what to do!? Help his friend get the guy? Or steal the guy for himself (if he's also gay).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sister Wife

Sister Wife
by Shelley Hrdlitschka

Nanette - Pure of thought. A true believer. God has a plan for her, her future husband, her future children, and his other wives.

Celeste - Tries to be pure of thought. Wants to be a true believer. But if God has a plan for her, he hasn't told her yet and she's making some plans of her own.

Taviana - Outsider. Had a hard life with the non-believers. Even became a prostitute to support herself until a man from Unity came and brought her to The Movement to try and save her. She enjoys the safety, but not all of the rules and strict guidelines. And she talks a little too much to Celeste to make the leaders of Unity comfortable.

This is a polygamist community where men have many wives and romance between teens is forbidden. Cell phones, TV, movies, and all fast food are forbidden. Girls stop attending school after eighth grade to help their mothers take care of the multiple children around the household.

When Celeste turns 15, the Prophet will speak to God and choose a husband for her, even though she's already in love. Nanette seeks only to be pure and follow the rules, but worries about her sister's soul because it looks like she's going to go against the Prophet. And Taviana just wants to stay off the streets, but the police keep looking for her.

Can these three girls find the strength to be themselves and find happiness?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kiss & Blog

Kiss & Blog
by Alyson Noël

Being popular is all that Winter and Sloane ever wanted in high school. In fact, they spent their entire summer studying for it. They had index cards to plan proper responses to what the popular girls would say. They purchased clothes that the popular girls would wear. They planned their pajamas for when they were "kidnapped" after getting on the cheerleading squad with the perfect cheer. They even created and signed a contract between them promising that if one girl became popular, she'd take the other with her.

But that's so not how things turn out.

Sloane gets in and Winter gets ignored.

Not only does Sloane not help Winter become popular, she pushes Winter aside as she gets to be the leader of the popular girls and dates the senior hunk of the school.

But Winter is no wimp. She decides to get even.

She starts a blog that is solely focused on sharing every single one of Sloane's deepest, darkest, most embarrassing secrets.

And though no one knows who she is, and no one knows she's talking about Sloane, the blog soon becomes the talk of the school and Winter has a question to answer.

What is revenge?
  1. Becoming exactly like the person who hurt you or...
  2. Becoming popular in your own way, without changing who you are.
Can she do both?

She'd better figure it out before it's too late.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Revealers

The Revealers
by Doug Wilhelm

Middle school is hard.

We all know it.

Sixth grade starts out ok because your friends from elementary school are still your friends when you start the new year.

But things change.

Seventh grade means cliques. Populars. Jocks. Geeks. Loners. Everyone gets an "identity"... whether they want it or not.

And the bullies come out. Boys get beat up. Girls get nasty little notes.

Middle school is very hard.

But does it have to be that way?

Can things change?

If there was a way to tell your story anonymously to everyone, would it make a difference?

Are the bullies doing it because they can? Or because people let them?

If you stand up and tell EVERYONE that you're being bullied, will the bullies go away?

It's an interesting idea. A thought. A scientific study to be made.

By posting stories on the school's LAN for everyone to read, Russell, Elliott, and Catalina open up a whole new world for the victims of bullies.

But some of the bullies are not happy with the change. And now The Revealers have to watch their backs before someone goes too far.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


by Laurie Halse Anderson

Tyler Miller was a nobody. Nobody knew him. Nobody cared what he said. Nobody cared what he did.

Tyler Miller may have spent his enter life being a nobody except that he got fed up one day, bought some paint, and spray-painted some very rude things on the school walls about the junior class being awesome and the principal being... well... not awesome.

Of course, he still may have been a nobody if he hadn't stupidly left his wallet at the scene of the crime.

So after a summer of community service for a landscaping company and after emptying out his bank account to pay for the damage, Tyler Miller is not only famous, but now he has a reputation.

He's also bigger. Lifting all those 50-pound bags of mulch and tarring roofs adds muscle. So this quiet, shy, gamer has now become the strongest guy in his class.

He's finally gotten the attention of the most beautiful girl at school. Unfortunately, he's also gotten the attention of her jerk of a brother. And both of them are the children of Tyler's dad's boss, so having their attention means he's now really gotten his father's attention.

Now Tyler's got too many problems to manage on his own. His father has enrolled him in courses far too difficult for him. His mother is drinking herself to sleep each night. His sister is dating his best friend. The girl he likes thinks he's done something he hasn't. And the guy he hates has a few friends willing to do his dirty work for him.

With his 18th birthday nearing, the police suspecting that he's taken and posted nude pictures of someone, and everyone either avoiding him or hitting him, things are getting to a breaking point.

The question is.... in this twisted little world, who will break first and what will happen when all hell breaks loose.

Friday, September 18, 2009


by Lauren Myracle

OMG! u have 2 read this! angelas got this thing 4 this guy then this other guy then this OTHER guy and zoe has this tchr whos crushing on her and maddie starts hangin w/ the Queen Bee who makes her life HELL when she takes this embarrassing pic and snds it 2 evry1

O! and the whole story iz told in IMs!

no chaptrs and no dorky descriptions!

Note: If you are a guy or you can't read what is written above, this is probably not the book for you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching Fire

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Just months after Katniss Everdeen defied the Capitol by not only surviving the Hunger Games, but saving her "boyfriend" in the process, the shock of all that death and destruction is still with her.

She still remembers all of the people she killed and those who were killed in front of her; and her nightmares about what she has seen are so bad that only Peeta can help her sleep long.

But nightmares are the least of her problems now. It turns out that her personal act of defiance has begun to spark rebellion among the 12 districts and the President blames her.

On a tour through the districts, Kat sees even more acts of rebellion, as well as those who would kill it... literally. Without her knowledge, she has become the symbol of the revolution. She and the President know that her death would end all trouble he has... but only if done right.

So he has another Hunger Game and forces Kat, Peeta, and other previous winners to fight to the death once again.

Somehow, Kat must save the world that she knows even while she fights it with all the strength that she has, even while saving herself, her family, her friends, and her fiancee.

Note: this is the second book of The Hunger Games series. It is highly recommended that you read The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, before reading Catching Fire.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Unnameables

The Unnameables
by Ellen Booraem

"If it hath no Use, it needeth no Name, and wilt do thee no Harm. Turn thy Back and 'tis gone. Beware, lest thou stare at the Nameless thing for too long. Thou, and only thou, canst Transform the unnamed to the Unnameable. And then in Truth thou shalt be Gone."

This is one of the most important rules for the Island and Surrounding Waters. Everyone and everything must have a name. And that name must reflect its use. If it isn't useful, it can't have a name and it must be gone.

If you carve, your name is Carver. If you cook, your name is Cook. If you fish, your name is Fisher. If you practice carpentry, your name is Carpenter.

Life is simple that way. There is no confusion.

But Medford Runyuin is not one of them. His parents died when he was young and he was taken in by a Carver. And though he's been raised by one of them, he cannot believe that just because something has no use that it is all bad.

Because Medford has a secret. He doesn't just carve bowls and spoons. He also carves images of birds, faces, and even squirrels that look like they are just curled up and sleeping.

His carvings are beautiful, but they are also dangerous. And not just to him.

They are Unnameable.

Medford even starts to think that they should be destroyed completely... until the Goatman shows up.

And then the real trouble starts.

Note: This book contains words and phrases that can sometimes be a bit confusing. It's worth the read if you can work out the vocabulary in your head.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Girl v. Boy

Girl v. Boy
by Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout

Luisa Perez. One of 10 (oops, make that 11) Luisa Perez's on campus, Lu is who she is, but no one sees her...

Except for the vain diva dancer who thinks fifteen minutes as a failed TV reality show competitor makes her the star of everything.

Oh! And the star basketball player who tries to grope Lu in the planetarium.

And don't forget the somewhat geeky, yet totally gorgeous guy who doesn't treat her like a moron.

There's also the skater who thinks she's worthy to stand on his rare board.

And, of course, there's her sister's boyfriend's co-worker who happens to be seriously cute and seriously into her.

What none of them know is that Lu happens to be the anonymous female columnist "Newshound" of the girl vs. boy column called "The Word".

The females (even the stuck-up divas) think everything she writes is amazing.

The males think her counterpart "Scoop" is always right (even when Lu thinks he's completely wrong).

And both of the columnists hate each other... at least on paper.

Can they work together, save the day, and still manage to win the literacy fundraising concert?

Who knows? But isn't it fun to watch?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


by Peter Johnson

Have you ever felt like your life is one big reality TV episode and all you need is the annoying host to jump in and tell everyone how much your life sucks?

Lucas has issues. Nate has issues. Coco has issues. Even Phoebe has issues. But no one has issues like Derek's issues.

With a sexed up stepmother, a father who's lost touch, and a dead mother, Derek's life is hard. And it doesn't get any easier when his stepmother signs the family up to be on Loserville where an annoying host (a combination of Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer) does everything he can to make Derek look like the worst teen in the world.

So while Lucas and his friends have issues, they have no idea how to help Derek with his and he spirals out of control.

Fights. Drugs. Booze. Vandalism. His girlfriend nearly pregnant. And a jump from a very high bridge.

What do you do when your life starts spinning out of control and no one tries to stop it?

Friday, August 28, 2009

La Primavera

La Primavera
by Mary Jane Beaufrand

Flora's never been her mother's favorite. In fact, truth be told, her mother hates her. When she was born, her mother would have drowned her in a river if not for her Nonna (grandmother).

Because her mother hates her, she's worked hard to stay out of the way. So while everyone dotes on her beautiful older sister, Domenica, Flora spends her time in the dirt and muck, gardening and taking care of the house. She even trains to be a soldier and learns how to wield daggers, swords, and staffs.

That training comes in handy when her father joins forces with a dangerous man. Together, those two hatch a plot to kill the leading family in town and take control of the city.

But, as we all know, things don't always go as planned and it's up to Flora to save her family. Of course, she has to save herself first.

Set during the Italian Renaissance and inspired by Botticelli's La Primavera, this is the tale of growing up and staying alive when everyone wants you dead.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Anything but Typical

Anything But Typical
by Nora Raleigh Baskin

Jason is not your average, everyday, twelve-year-old boy.

Jason has autism.

He has been given labels like ASD, NLD, and PDD-NOS. He has IEPs.

He has been ostracized and ignored by the students around him.

He has confounded and confused his parents because of his problems.

But what else is he to do? Who else can he be?

He can only be who he is when he's around people. He can only get upset by loud noises. He can only feel stress when asked a question that he does not know how to answer in a way that will please people. He can't tell people that he loves them (because you feel feelings, you don't tell them). He can't stop the hand movements, the hair pulling, the sounds.

He is lost in the world of the "neurotypicals" and is just trying to get by. The only person who understands him is his younger brother (who also adores him) even if he can't appear to return the feelings.

And that's how it is for him until he meets PhoenixBird online in a forum for aspiring writers.

Jason has so many stories to tell and PhoenixBird seems to honestly like them. She also seems to honestly like him... but, of course, she hasn't really met him yet, so she doesn't know about his autism.

Can Jason take the risk to meet her in person? Will she be able to accept him for who and what he is?

For those people who are working with children with autism, this is an amazing read. You get right into Jason's head and you learn to empathize with his plight to fit in. If you know someone with autism and want to understand him/her better, you must try this book.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Defying the Diva

Defying the Diva
By D. Anne Love

Haley Patterson has always been normal. She had a normal family, normal friends, and a normal life.

But her life is completely flipped upside-down when the school diva decides to exact a lot of revenge for a little story Haley wrote in the school newspaper.

Over the course of just a few days, she goes from respected freshman with a good reputation to school pariah. Students gossip about her. Her "friends" won't go near her for fear of becoming gossip victims themselves. Anonymous notes show up on her desk and in her locker. Email appears telling her to kill herself.

There seems to be no end to the torture. It gets so bad Haley even has a moment when she considers suicide as a way to end the pain.

She makes it to the end of the semester and is sent by her parents to stay with her aunt, who then gets her a job at the town’s country club.

There, Haley has to re-learn how to make friends, how to trust others, and how to find herself.

She then finds out that the diva has struck again, only this time, someone got hurt and landed in the hospital. Can Haley stand up to the diva and stand up for what is right? Or will she let history repeat itself?

Monday, August 17, 2009


by E. D. Baker

Tamisin has always been a little odd. From the glittery freckles on her face to her compulsion to dance under the full moon with fairies, she's always known she didn't quite fit in.

But it isn't until she sprouts wings that she finds out that her parents adopted her when she was a baby.

As it turns out, she's half fairy, and that half has suddenly made things much more dangerous for her.

The child of the most important of all fairies makes a great ransom for goblins who want control.

Can she and the halfling, Jak, find the answers she needs to survive before it's too late? Or will the fairy kingdom be crushed by revenge?

Friday, August 14, 2009

My So-Called Family

My So-Called Family

by Courtney Sheinmel

Leah Hoffman-Ross has never had a "normal" family. She's the child of a self-assured author and a sperm donor.

That's right... One day, her mother decided to become a mom, went right out to Lyon's Reproductive Services, looked through a few books, and found "dad".

And while Leah's never missed having a father (especially since her step-dad has been around so long) it's hard to explain her parentage to friends.

Seriously! What do you say to people when they ask where your dad is?

Now that she's 13 and the family has moved to New York, she has the chance to meet new people and no longer have the nickname of "Science Experiment".

Of course, finding out that she has four siblings from the same donor opens up a whole new world for Leah, and she's determined to meet them all... Somehow.

But will her parents ever understand? And what about her new best friend?

Can she be herself and still be ok with others?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Best Friend, the Atlantic Ocean, and Other Great Bodies Standing Between Me and My Life with Giulio

My Best Friend, the Atlantic Ocean, and Other Great Bodies Standing Between Me and My Life with Giulio

by Jane Harrington


Your BFF comes home with the hottest Italian exchange student ever and she didn't save him for U!

Average teen relationship = 34 days

If U can hold out long enuf, he'll be urs!

But wut to do in the meantime?

How 'bout become the manager of the football team, the VP of the GNL, and maybe even learn something in class!



Monday, July 27, 2009

Boys Are Dogs

Boys Are Dogs
by Leslie Margolis

Girls! Are you having trouble understanding those creatures called "boys"?

Do they confuse you?

Terrify you?

Put fear in your heart?

Aggravate you?

Really make you want to throw something at them?

Well... Annabelle may just have the cure for you!

Puppy training!

That's right! Putting force behind your words (even when you don't feel it), becoming the leader of the pack, and positive reinforcement will help you to become the dominant person in the battle of the sexes.

A little puppy training goes a long way into making the boys of middle school do exactly what you want.

Don't believe me? Read Annabelle's tale and you'll understand it all!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Loser's Guide to Life and Love

The Loser's Guide to Life and Love
by A. E. Cannon

Everyone has secrets.

Ed is Sergio. Or is Sergio, Ed?

Scout loves cheesy romance novels... and Ed.

Ellie had a romance that went very wrong.

Quark has never been able to see past the moon to the people around him.

All of these people come together in a realistic story of life, love, and secret identity.

Confused? Read the book!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies

Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies
by Erin Dionne

Celeste Harris does not have the greatest life, but that's never mattered to her. She's overweight, but ok with that. She does well in school, and she's ok with that. She has a best friend who makes annoying sounds when she sucks on Jolly Ranchers, and she's ok with that, too.

What she's not ok with is her aunt signing her up for the Miss HuskyPeach pageant, which is sponsored by the makers of clothes for plus-size girls. What she's not ok with is the most popular girl in school using her as her own personal insult target. And what she's really not ok with is when her best friend leaves her to go hang out with her worst enemy.

What's a girl to do?


If she's not plus-sized anymore, she can't be in that embarrassing pageant. So the cookies have to go!


by Gordon Korman

Capricorn Anderson is not your normal teenager. He's never used a cell phone, never IM'd his friends, never tapped the keys on a computer, and never watched television. He wears tie-dye shirts and woven sandals. He believes in non-violence and the sacredness of all life. He is one of the last two people to live on a "hippie" commune run by his grandmother, Rain. The only person he's ever known is Rain and the only life he's ever known is there.

When Rain injures herself during one of her homeschooling lessons for Cap, his world turns upside-down. He's forced to live with a former member of the commune and her daughter (who makes him feel things he's never felt before). He's forced to attend middle school (where he's immediately elected class president). And he's forced to catch up to the world that left his little commune behind (whether he likes it or not).

Can Cap figure out where he fits in the world and still be true to himself? Or will he continue to be ridiculed, laughed at, and have water dumped on him while he does tai-chi on the front lawn?

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney

The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney
by Suzanne Harper
Sparrow's life has always been a little strange. As the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter in a family of psychics and mediums, it has always been believed that she will be the most powerful of her kind. But all Sparrow wants to be is normal.
She doesn't want to hold seances. She doesn't want to talk to spirits. She doesn't want to help those who have passed on complete their unfinished business. She also doesn't want to live in a house with baboon skulls in the front yard, strange symbols painted everywhere, and the bodies of her grandmother's four dead husbands in the back.
So all her life, Sparrow's been hiding the terrible truth: not only does she see, hear, and speak to ghosts every day, she also doesn't need any special tricks to do it. While her mother and sisters all have to focus hard to get a reading, Sparrow can just look over and see the dead any time, day or night.
And now, all of her hiding may have to come to an end. There's a very cute boy in her class and he has a very dead boy haunting him.
Will Sparrow have the strength to tell the truth and admit who she is? Or will she keep on hiding and force the ghost to remain in limbo forever?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
by Kate DiCamillo
Edward Tulane is the finest china rabbit that money can buy. He's perfect in every way. He's got the best clothes and a fine, gold watch.
Edward Tulane is the best and he knows it.
Unfortunately, just because you're the best, that doesn't mean that you can't become the worst.
Follow Edward on the journey of a china rabbit's lifetime as he learns about what he really is and who he is really meant to be.
Can he learn to love before it's too late?

Getting the Girl: A Guide to Private Investigation, Surveillance, and Cookery

Getting the Girl: A Guide to Private Investigation, Surveillance, and Cookery
by Susan Juby

Sherman Mack, lead detective of Mack Daddy Investigations (well, only detective if we're being honest), is on a mission.
Girls at his high school are in danger. They are in danger of being D-listed.
D for Defiled.
If a girl's picture ends up on the school restroom mirrors with a "D" on it, then she's automatically blacklisted. She becomes a ghost. No one will talk to her. No one will look at her. No one will even acknowledge that she's there.
And now Mack's friends have become targets.
So, with a large imagination and very little cooking skill, Sherman Mack sets out to make the perfect meal and set the perfect trap.
If he succeeds, he'll be a hero to all and the girls will love him (and he's always been a fan of the ladies).
If he fails, he'll be the first boy in school ever D-listed.
So, really... No pressure at all.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to Ditch Your Fairy

How to Ditch Your Fairy
by Justine Larbalestier

Charlie has always had one of the worst fairies ever: the parking fairy. Her entire life seems to be one long car ride, as people "borrow" her any time they drive, even if it's just to the grocery store, just so they can get the perfect parking spot.
Well... Charlie's tired of being used and she's doing something about it. She's going to get rid of that parking fairy, no matter what it takes!
Of course, what it takes is months of walking absolutely everywhere, being late to all of her classes, losing time to do her homework, and missing time with her friends and family.
When she finally gets a chance to switch with the girl who has the All-Boys-Will-Notice-You Fairy, Charlie thinks her luck has finally changed.
Boy! Was she wrong...

The Otherworldlies

The Otherworldlies
by Jennifer Anne Kogler

Fern has always been an outsider. She talks to her dog (and he understands her), can accurately predict the weather, and she burns in any sunlight.
Her twin brother has none of these problems and spends most of his time trying to help his sister out at school and in public. But even he can't help her when she disappears from school... literally. He was the only one to watch her fade out from her desk, while the rest of the class ignored her as always. And when she reappears on a beach miles away, she knows that this is more than a case of just being a little strange.
Things get even more confusing when a mysterious stranger appears and offers to help. Even the most popular girl in school, who never even glanced at her before, is suddenly giving her advice. The problem is that the stranger and the popular girl don't have the same intentions. So now Fern must choose who to follow and from whom to run.


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