Sunday, October 7, 2012

Painted Blind

Painted Blind
by Michelle A. Hansen

Psyche has always been beautiful and has always hated that beauty.  It has caused her nothing but trouble.  After going away for the summer to model, she returns to find her image plastered on billboards and in magazines.

High school just became a whole lot more difficult.

With the paparazzi and fans following her everywhere, Psyche often finds herself surrounded by crowds of people.  When she's rescued one day by someone who can become invisible at will, she finds that she's fallen completely in love, even without seeing him.

Now she must prove her love to him by never looking at him.  If she can't follow that simple rule, she may lose everything.

Final thoughts:  This was a compelling read and retelling of the Eros/Psyche myth.  It was a fast read and drew me in.  However, upon finishing it, I found myself questioning a large number of things that happened.  Psyche's "friend" is a horrible person who seems to only hang out with Psyche because she wants to catch the boys around her.  She's fickle, selfish, and tricky, yet Psyche thinks only good things about her during most of the book.  The author doesn't explain enough about things like how Psyche got her name (her mother is a ditz and her father's in construction, so why "Psyche"?), why she hates crowds, or why she is so scared of heights.  It's also strange that the moment she has one ad campaign out, she's being followed everywhere to the point where she has to go into hiding.  There are also a couple of Twilight moments with her waiting in the forest after being rejected and having to be rescued, then falling into a deep depression.  Having read the myth after reading the book, a few more things make sense now, but it needs a little work.

Rating: 3/5


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