Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fairy tales can comes true!

The Wish

by Gail Garson Levine

From the author of Ella Enchanted comes a new modern fairy tale.
Wilma Sturtz has always been a bit of an outsider. She wears the wrong clothes. She says the wrong things. She can't ever seem to fit in no matter how hard she tries. When she does a good deed for an old woman on the subway, she is granted one wish... to be the most popular girl in her school.
Immediately, things change.
Not only is Wilma popular, she's the most important person on campus. All the boys want to date her. All the girls want to be her. And while she hasn't changed, she can do no wrong.
However, it turns out that there is a loophole to her wish and if she doesn't find that old, wish-giving woman soon, everything could go suddenly, horribly wrong.


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