Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shakespeare Bats Cleanup

Shakespeare Bats Cleanup
by Ron Koertge

Kevin is your average 8th grader. He likes girls, LOVES baseball, and just wants to be able to hang with his friends. However, his life changes when he gets mono, is forced to sit out part of the season, and is bored out of this mind. When his father, a writer, hands him a composition book, Kevin thinks little of it. Over time however, he begins to use the book as a journal to discuss his life, his memories, the girls he's liked, the game he loves, and his mother, who died and left him alone with his dad.
Written in verse, this is an easy read for students, parents, and teachers. It's a great way to begin learning about poetry without reading poems that are only about love, dying, or dying after losing a love.

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