Wednesday, March 3, 2010


by Lisa McMann

Just as Janie is finally getting past the trial and the constant hum of newscameras and reporters following her, another problem drops in her lap.

Her alcoholic mother goes on a binge after finding out that the man she loved, Janie's father, is in the hospital, dying from what can only be described as a "brain explosion".

And as Janie is coming to grips with meeting the father she never new, and his nightmares that drag her down into her dream catching state, she realizes that she has to make a choice.

Live as she has been, helping people, but causing her own body to fall apart (blindness and gnarled hands are never fun); or live a life of complete solitude, away from everyone, even Cabe.

Will she try to make her life work as she has been, or will she run away from the world to try and find relief from all of the dreams?

This is the final book of the Wake trilogy.

Final thoughts:  Not nearly as good as the first and second books.  Author says in an interview that she had to scrap the first draft and re-write the whole thing.  Maybe she should have done it again.

Rating: 2/5 (but worth a check out from the library if only to get some closure on the series)

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