Monday, September 27, 2010


by Chloe Neill

All her life, Lily Parker has lived with her parents in a small town in New York.  When her parents get the opportunity of a lifetime to take a sabbatical to Germany for their research, they inexplicably send Lily to a very expensive boarding school in Chicago instead of taking her with them or leaving her with her best friend's family.

Now Lily has to learn how to live life on a tight schedule, in a building build like a maze, led by a hard-nosed matron, in a small school smack in the middle of Chi-town.  And she has to wear a uniform!  Ugh!

Of course, being a new junior in a school full of girls who've known each other for years is tough.  And figuring out the people to hang with is even tougher.

Goth girl with attitude or brat packers with fashion style?

Then there's that whole secret teen magic society determined to save others in the city from soul-draining sorcerers thing.  That's a little much to get used to in the first week.

Final thoughts:  I read this book on my Kindle in the hopes of staving off withdrawals from Neill's Chicagoland Vampires and Merit, the awesome vamp.  However, this book was SUCH a disappointment.  It's almost all exposition.  Even the little bit of action is just jammed in there to explain things.  There's not much plot here and the word-magic is missing.  I'm hoping the next book, due in January 2011, is better.

Rating: 3/5

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