Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Catching Jordan

Catching Jordan
by Miranda Kenneally

Jordan Woods is the star QB of the high school football team.  They're on their way to way to a championship season if everyone can keep their heads and stay focused.

Of course, that becomes a bit of a problem when Ty shows up.

Ty was the QB at his school before he was forced to move to Tennessee.  He's talented.  He likes to be in charge.  He's used to being in charge.  And he's completely gorgeous.

That last one wouldn't be such a problem if Jordan weren't the first female QB with legitimate college prospects, who had also previously been completely oblivious to boys and completely focused on football.

Now Jordan has to contend with a real threat to her position on the team, a real threat to her college hopes, and a real threat to her love life.

Final thoughts:  This is a mess of a book.  Ty is the enemy; now he's a good guy, just misunderstood. Nope! He's a bad guy... nope, just has a past.  Jordan has never even kissed a boy, is suddenly worried that some people might think she's a slut, and then immediately loses her virginity without even thinking about the consequences to her reputation.  She's going through such angst that she ditches school, and football practice, multiple times, even though football is her LIFE! (or so she says).  There's the constant problems with her dad, which are suddenly resolved somehow.  Overall, cutesy, but not great.

Ranking: 3/5


Melissa said...

I've actually been looking forward to reading this. I have a copy but I keep reading reviews that say it's just okay and it's slowly being pushed further and further back in my stacks of books.

Shayana said...

Yeah. It's basically just OK. It's no great shakes. There are a few on GoodReads who really love it and a few who really hate it. Personally, I'm most annoyed by the cavalier attitudes regarding sex. All the guy players have sex and "hook-ups" and it's no big deal. Even Jordan's preferred guy hooks up with other girls to "cope". Frustrating.


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