Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
by Darynda Jones

For the past two months, Charley Davidson has had a deep and loving relationship with her living room.  She and her couch truly understand each other.  Her TV is her best friend.  And the people at the home shopping channels probably know her credit card numbers by heart.

For the past two months, Charley Davidson has done everything possible to avoid going out, to avoid being around people, and to avoid the chair in her living room with the stain below it.

For the past two months, Charley Davidson has been afraid.  Ever since she was attacked and tortured in her own apartment and her father had her arrested when she was in the hospital, Charley has shut everyone out.

But now a case has come to her.  Charley has bills to pay (and annoying friends and family who don't mind setting up annoying interventions), so she takes the case.

She also goes in search of the love of her existence because he's been avoiding her (for good reason).  And she avoids her father even when he's desperately trying to talk to her (also for good reason).

It's a busy few days for Charley.

And the demons who are trying to kill her definitely don't help.

Final thoughts:  I LOVE Charley!  She's sassy and always has the perfect comeback that's (usually) just short of rude.  Her attitude is only slightly diminished by the circumstances of the previous novel and her reactions are completely believable.  Sadly, this book seemed a little short, choppy, and "light" on the action.  I never miss reading a Grim Reaper novel, but I do hope the next book returns to form.

Rating: 4/5

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