Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Weird Girls / Sealed with a Curse (dual review)

The Weird Girls
by Cece Robson

When Celia's mom married the wrong man, a relative cursed all the unborn Wird sisters.  But the curse backfired, giving each girl certain magical powers that make them more than human and less than supernatural.

Celia can turn into a tigress and shift through anything solid.  Taran can manipulate electricity and people's memories. Shayna can make any metal or wood turn into a deadly weapon.  And Emme can heal most wounds and use telekinesis to move objects.

Between them, the sisters have been able to handle most of the things that have come their way.  And now that they've decided to settle down in Lake Tahoe, things finally seem to be going their way in the best way.

That is until they manage to tick off the top witch in town, along with her coven.

Now Celia has to take the witch down to protect her family, while also keeping herself alive.

Sealed with a Curse
by Cece Robson

Just moments after being cleared of murder, Celia and her sisters are called on to help destroy vampires who have become completely insane with bloodlust.  They are killing indiscriminately and in large numbers, which has caught the attention of the new werewolf pack in town.

Tensions between the Wird sisters and the pack run high to start and then become tense for whole new reasons as each of the girls find a were who makes her heart beat just a little bit faster.  Even Celia's found someone and she doesn't find guys easily.

And when it rains, it pours for Celia because one of the local vampire masters has also taken a fancy to her.

Between the vamp, the were, the bloodlusters, and her sisters, Celia's got more than she can handle.  May your life be interesting is always a dangerous thing to wish on others.

Final thoughts:  Overall, I'm a fan of supernatural urban lit and Robson definitely has some interesting stories to tell, but I found myself more than a little turned around at times.  Tracking the action was very difficult.  Every time there was a fight scene, it felt obvious that Robson knew what she was seeing, but she had trouble painting the picture for the reader.  I like Celia and her sisters and Aric was great, but I kept wondering about Celia's (literal) dream guy from the first book/novella.  Is that Aric or is that someone else who's going to show up later?  That interfered with me truly falling in love with the second book.

Rating: 4/5

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