Tuesday, April 2, 2013

With All My Soul

With All My Soul
by Rachel Vincent

Time may march on but Kaylee never has to worry about that for herself. As a bean sidhe, she was already looking at a very long life. Now, as an undead, she is looking at immortality as a collector of souls. She's also looking at immortality with her reaper boyfriend who happens to look kinda hot both in and out of any clothes.

Unfortunately, it's not all fun and forever young for Kaylee since the avarice demon is still after her and will do pretty much anything to get her.

Couple that with her best friend now being in a new body (with her own new supernatural powers to boot), her best friend's sister being impregnated with her murderer's incubus, soul-free baby, and the demons of envy and vanity coming for her and her friends, and Kaylee still has a long list of tasks to cross off her "to-do" list.

All that is bad enough, but when she discovers that Avari has taken someone she loves, she may have to lose everything to save him.

Final thoughts: Solid ending to the story, though a little forced. Wrath's sudden appearance in the story and how his character is used is a little deus ex machina, as if Vincent couldn't figure out how to end it without sending in a kind of cavalry to save the day... kind of. The last few chapters felt rushed and strange. However, it's still a good read and I don't have too many objections except that the Thane story thread is mentioned a couple of times, but never closed. 

Rating: 4/5

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