Sunday, February 2, 2014


by Maya Gold

Abby has spend her entire life being invisible.  No one notices her and that's OK.  The only person she wants to notice her is the cutest, most popular guy in school, but being ignored by him only helps Abby because there is no way she wants to get noticed by his girlfriend and mean girl of the school.

Suddenly though, things are changing.  Things happen around Abby just because she thinks them, even if she doesn't really mean them.  And things really start to go her way when she turns sixteen and finally gets her license.

With her license, she now has some freedom.  Like the freedom to drive over to Salem and see the cute coffee-shop guy, Remy.  And the freedom to get a job near the coffee shop, making it a guarantee she'll see him often.

But Salem has a history, and Abby is about to find out how much that history means to her.

Final thoughts:  Meh.  So much awkwardness.  Too many standard "moments".  Too many unanswered questions.  And too strange an end resolution.  The story just flips around in the timeline with flashbacks occurring with no warning, and changes in time and location occurring between one paragraph and the next.  Abby is all over the place being a good girl when required and then planning revenge spells and love spells in cruel ways.  She gets one guy to fall in love with her and then basically ignores him except when at school or if it's needed in the story.  The mean girl thing goes really far and then flips it by making the reader feel almost sorry for them.  Abby isn't really sympathetic and there just is no real reason to care about her, Remy, or the story in general.  And what's with the dad's girlfriend?  What is the point of having her there at all?  I kept expecting her to be a part of the evil plotters but she's just a nobody who takes up space on the page.

Rating: 2/5

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