Monday, June 23, 2014


by Dean Murray

Adriana Paige's mother moved them both out to Utah for a fresh start after her father and sister died in a tragic car accident.  She also hoped that getting away from the familiar would help Adriana get past the constant memories that overwhelm her and cause panic attacks that can last for days.

It isn't too long before Adriana realizes that a new place to live doesn't mean a new start on life.  The panic attacks continue and often cause fainting spells.  She also starts having extremely lucid dreams about places that she has never seen.

At school, she meets and catches the eyes of the two boys who lead the two rival factions at the school.  Somehow, she goes from being neutral party to being the person caught in the middle.

Who will Adriana choose and will that side end up being the right one?

Final thoughts:  Show!  Don't tell!!!  Constant telling... again!  There was an extreme amount of laziness here as Murray seems to decide that it's easier to skip the things that might be hard and then just tell us what happened after.  This is especially true with the final conflict.  There is also a character introduced near the end who seems to only exist to help explain something that the reader doesn't even get to see in the climax.  It's frustrating and annoying how little is actually shown throughout the book.  The Twilight element is here, as well (again) with Adriana getting the nickname of Adri, even if she doesn't want it and it makes no sense.  She's got some secret power that no one understands, yet.  She's told it's too dangerous for her to know things and to get close to people.  She could get hurt.  But she pouts a bit and his love for her is so strong that she lets her do what she wants.  His love that is too strong, too dangerous, too inexplicable.  Why they love each other is never explained.  She suddenly loves him only because he saved her mother's job and not because she actually has any real feelings for him.  But they're in love... so that's all ok.  Avoid.

Rating: 1/5

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