Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dead Girl Walking

Dead Girl Walking
by Ruth Silver

Ophelia Dacre is a princess who is on the path to marrying for political gain, but she loves a common boy. When she sneaks out one night to meet up with the boy she loves, she ends up murdered behind a tavern.

But it's not all bad news. Ophelia is offered the chance to be a Grim Reaper. By signing a contract, she becomes the newest member of a group of the undead who go around and collect souls. Her job is to grab a soul before death in order to help prevent pain and suffering before he or she heads off to the afterlife.

She now has a job and near immortality. The only problem is that she has to watch people die to do it.

Final thoughts: NO! Avoid!!!!! This is a blatant and complete knock off of Dead Like Me. Tragic death. Sister struggling with it. Ophelia doesn't want to take the souls, especially since she seems to think that she's killing people even when it's clearly explained that she's not. She refuses to complete her first reap, resulting in her soul being buried with the body (like the time George in Dead Like Me left a man in his body during his autopsy). Ophelia's given the job of reaping a young girl and refuses to do so, which leads the girl's soul to rot in her body even while she was still alive. By waffling on a decision, Ophelia causes multiple deaths that the rest of the reapers have to cover. Ugh! I'm a huge fan of the series, so seeing this book steal idea after idea just ticked me off. Additionally, the characters are flat and one-dimensional. Ophelia has no redeeming qualities and there is just no reason to care about her. I finally stopped at 72% and I really wish I had stopped sooner.

Rating; 1/5

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