Tuesday, June 16, 2015


by Wendy Knight

All her life, Ari has known that she is destined to end the war between rival sorcery clans. Since she was just a child, she has gone out on missions with the rest of the Edrens to take out members of the Carules clan. She is the best of her kind. She is the Prodigy.

Ari's main target, however, is the Prodigy of the Carules clan. It is destined that she will find and kill that Prodigy in order to end the war.

Shane has always known that he is the Prodigy for his clan. But while his rival is out fighting and killing, he's been kept a secret, sent to boarding schools to maintain his anonymity until he's ready to take on the Prodigy of the Edren clan.

Neither knows who the other one is. So when Shane meets Ari for the first time, he doesn't realize that they are supposed to hate each other. When Ari meets Shane, she doesn't realize that her constant fighting and killing could end with his death.

When they fall in love, nothing is clear anymore.

Final thoughts: Roller coaster ride and lots of fun. It goes a little quickly at times and the fight scenes can be hard to follow, but it's an exciting story. I really liked the characters and the development of relationship between the two.

Rating: 4/5

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