Monday, January 11, 2016

Dirt on the Ninth Grave

Dirt on the Ninth Grave
by Darynda Jones

Lost and confused in Sleepy Hollow, NY, Jane Doe has no idea where she comes from or who she is. All she knows is that it has been a month and no one has come to find her even though she wears a HUGE diamond on her left finger.

Seriously! A guy wanted her badly enough to put a very possibly million dollar ring on it and he then just ignores the fact that she's gone?!?! Who does that?

Though she doesn't know who she is or where she comes from, she does know quite a bit of pop culture, which is weird considering the amnesia and all. She also names her furniture and body parts, and she seems to get into dangerous situations without even trying.

And while she doesn't know who her past friends may be, she does have quite a few who have shown up in her life, including the VERY hot (both literally and figuratively) new short-order cook at the restaurant where she's working.

She also sees ghosts. A LOT of ghosts. They are kind of everywhere.

Even with amnesia, Jane knows that she's not supposed to see the dead; but there they are!

Now if only she could get her memory back and maybe jump the bones of the hottie in the kitchen while she's at it.

Final thoughts: Charley may not know who she is, but she is still the same spunky, strong-willed character she ever was. She also finds herself in quite a bit of trouble with a creepy police officer who seems to think she's dating him and an antiques dealer who seems to be danger. There are still plenty of clever remarks and witty comebacks, as well as a complex story, but it was a little annoying to have one of the bad guys from previous books return (kind of). We learn something about Charley that kind of feels like Jones is setting up for future deus ex machina type saves, but it doesn't hurt this particular book. Good read and good continuation of the series.

Rating: 4/5

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