Monday, February 22, 2016

Grave Visions

Grave Visions
by Kalayna Price

Things just don't get any easier for Alex Craft.

Ever since she found out she was part Fae, she's been struggling to catch up her knowledge so that she can survive in Faerie as well as she's done in the mortal world (or better, since she's still not great at all that human stuff either).

But she's running out of time.

Ever since the last of her protection spells and glamours were broken, Alex has become more and more reliant on Faerie to survive. She's Fading and she needs to choose a court soon, or she will die.

While trying to figure out exactly what to do with her own life, she's called in to figure out exactly who is murdering Fae, while also trying to figure out what is killing humans and leaving no evidence behind.

Both cases are dangerous. Combined, they are deadly.

Final thoughts: It's been a while since Price has written a Craft novel. This was decent, but Alex herself has changed. She seemed different from her portrayals in the first three books, and her inability to take charge and really do what needs to be done was a little annoying. We also didn't get enough of Death this time around, and a little too much of Falin. Decent read, but not great.

Rating: 3/5

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