Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Being Jamie Baker

Being Jamie Baker
by Kelly Oram

After a horrific accident that should have killed her, Jamie Baker has acquired freakish strength, hearing that the NSA would kill to have, and the ability to harness electricity. Too bad she wants none of it.

She and her parents realize very quickly that if word of her powers were to leak out, she'd be taken and used for experiments to see what, exactly, she could do and how it could all be replicated. 

Unfortunately for her, she can't stay anonymous in her home town, especially since the same accident that made her ended up killing her boyfriend. So she and her family have moved to a new town where she has become "The Ice Queen" and keeps herself separated from as many people as possible. She keeps her head down, doesn't make friends, and hides what she can do.

That all ends when Ryan Miller is dared to kiss her and she lets him. Suddenly, he can't get her off his mind and he's determined to find out more about her. 

There's also someone from her past who threatens to share her secret with everyone.

Can she finally learn to control her powers and become who she may have been meant to be all along, or will everything she cares for be destroyed?

Final thoughts: So much whining! So much indecision! 80% of the book was Jamie going back and forth between wanting to be with Ryan and wanting to be as far away as possible. The reasons may change, but the angst is constant. I like the idea, but I really don't like the follow-thru. 

Rating: 2/5

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