Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Stand-In

The Stand-In
by Steve Bloom

All Brooks wants it to get out of town. To do that, he needs a HUGE boost to his SAT scores and a lot of luck, so that he can get into Columbia University and away from his flake of a father.

Unfortunately, getting that boost requires a tutor and tutors cost money. And even if he gets into Columbia, he still needs to pay for it, so that means that he needs even more money.

A one-time accidental acceptance of a job to escort a girl to Homecoming, leads to a new, albeit temporary, career as a professional escort (without all the illegal things that go with it).

Every weekend is booked for Brooks. He takes girls to Homecoming, Winter Formal, Spring Fling, and Prom, all for a tidy sum each Friday and Saturday night along with great meals and often the use of cool cars.

But being an escort is taking a toll on the rest of his life and deadlines for SATs and college apps are coming.

Now Brooks has to start making real choices and real decisions that have nothing to do with being a fake date.

Final thoughts: OK. Cotton candy with a few truly unbelievable moments, as well as a few far-too-easy-to-believe moments. Gets the job done. Easily forgettable afterwards.

Rating: 3/5

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