Friday, December 2, 2016

The Other F-Word

The Other F-Word
by Natasha Friend

Hollis lost one of her moms a few years ago and has been dealing with that loss in the most inappropriate ways. Now she's being cyberbullied and slut-shamed as her birth mom continues to barely get by in life.

Milo has both of his moms, but no father to guide him through the pitfalls of being a teen boy who really really likes this one girl. Milo is also allergic to more things than he's not and he thinks that maybe knowing who his biological father is will help his doctors find better treatments for him.

Hollis and Milo couldn't be more different, and yet they're so very alike. They are both the children of #9677. He was a sperm donor who made their lives possible, and now they are looking for him.

On the way, they find three more siblings and discover what it really means to be a family.

Final thoughts:  Nice piece of realistic fiction that deals with the pros and cons of being a child of a sperm donor. This is a niche that needed to be filled and Friend does that very well. It's also a fairly gender-neutral book as it goes between both Hollis's and Milo's points of view, so this should be a good fit for all children trying to figure out who they really are. The ending leaves room to continue the story, but doesn't require it.

Rating: 4/5

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