Wednesday, November 1, 2017


by Megan Miranda

After Delaney falls through the ice and spends eleven minutes under water, she should be dead. She spent a week in a coma and the doctors were sure that she would never wake up. Even if she did manage to wake, she'd be severely brain damaged.

So when Delaney not only wakes, but wakes up completely intact, everyone is confused. Her brain scans show that she should be dead, or at least comatose for her remaining time, so she is basically a medical miracle. 

No one understands. 

And no one can explain Delaney's new affinity for death. 

She can feel death coming. She knows who is going to die and can even tell if that death is coming soon. 

But is she feeling death? Or is she causing it?

Final thoughts: Yet another great idea that is very poorly done. This is just a series of scenes that aren't linked well together and the whole romance portion is just handled so poorly. I was disappointed because it sounded so good.

Rating: 2/5

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