Monday, April 16, 2018

36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You

36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You
by Vicki Grant

Hildy and Paul (a.k.a. Betty and Bob) sign up for a study being done by a college student. She's in it to grow as a person and try something new; he's in it for the forty bucks.

The study takes two completely random people and puts them in a room to answer psychologist Arthur Aron's 36 questions and see if those two people would fall in love. It should take only an hour or two, right?

But when Hildy and Paul sit together they discover that they are complete opposites in almost everything in life and it's really difficult to answer some of these to a stranger. 

Throughout their time together, working on the questions, feelings are discussed, realities replace daydreams, and the truth is stripped bare for all to see. 

Will there be anything left of them to fall in love?

Final thoughts: These are the actual questions from the real 36 questions study and subsequent follow-up coverage in the news and online. Vicki Grant uses these 36 questions pretty effectively to grow her characters and create a bond between them. It's basically a cotton-candy read, but it's still got some funny moments and a moment or two of real emotional punch. It's a good way to pass some time, as well as figure out if you're daring enough to try the questions on your own.

Rating: 3/5

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