Friday, August 28, 2009

La Primavera

La Primavera
by Mary Jane Beaufrand

Flora's never been her mother's favorite. In fact, truth be told, her mother hates her. When she was born, her mother would have drowned her in a river if not for her Nonna (grandmother).

Because her mother hates her, she's worked hard to stay out of the way. So while everyone dotes on her beautiful older sister, Domenica, Flora spends her time in the dirt and muck, gardening and taking care of the house. She even trains to be a soldier and learns how to wield daggers, swords, and staffs.

That training comes in handy when her father joins forces with a dangerous man. Together, those two hatch a plot to kill the leading family in town and take control of the city.

But, as we all know, things don't always go as planned and it's up to Flora to save her family. Of course, she has to save herself first.

Set during the Italian Renaissance and inspired by Botticelli's La Primavera, this is the tale of growing up and staying alive when everyone wants you dead.

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