Tuesday, September 1, 2009


by Peter Johnson

Have you ever felt like your life is one big reality TV episode and all you need is the annoying host to jump in and tell everyone how much your life sucks?

Lucas has issues. Nate has issues. Coco has issues. Even Phoebe has issues. But no one has issues like Derek's issues.

With a sexed up stepmother, a father who's lost touch, and a dead mother, Derek's life is hard. And it doesn't get any easier when his stepmother signs the family up to be on Loserville where an annoying host (a combination of Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer) does everything he can to make Derek look like the worst teen in the world.

So while Lucas and his friends have issues, they have no idea how to help Derek with his and he spirals out of control.

Fights. Drugs. Booze. Vandalism. His girlfriend nearly pregnant. And a jump from a very high bridge.

What do you do when your life starts spinning out of control and no one tries to stop it?

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