Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bad Apple

Bad Apple
by Laura Ruby

Tola Riley has always been a bit misunderstood. But can you blame her? Her parents have divorced. Her dad married an evil stepmother who seems to come straight from a Grimm's Fairy Tale. Her sister only thinks about death and the evils of the world. Her neighbor wants her to declaw her cat. And her former best friend has started a campaign to ruin the reputation of the only teacher in school who ever let Tola be herself.

It's been a bad year.

And things only get worse when no one believes her when she says that the teacher didn't do anything wrong. Her art isn't appreciated by any of the substitute teachers who change each day. Her own mom won't speak to her about what's going on. And her former best friend's mother is determined to ban almost every book in the school's library without having even read them.

Can she fix everything that's gone so wrong? And can she catch the eye of that cute guy even while it seems like everyone is just trying to ignore her?

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