Monday, November 30, 2009

The Snog Log

The Snog Log
by Michael Coleman

The first day back to school after the summer break begins like many others. However, Robbie and his friends notice a difference in the girls.

They've.... developed.

All around them, the girls who they teased for being flat-chested and boring-looking, have now begun to fill out their shirts and started to look hot.

In honor of this new discovery, the boys decide to hold a Snogathon, which is kind of like a Readathon, except that instead of counting pages read, they count the kisses given.

There are rules, of course. And some girls are worth more than others in points. But Robbie is determined to win, even if he doesn't always feel like this is appropriate.

With the Christmas dance coming, and his last chance to score with the girl formerly known as "Microscopic Mel" fast approaching, will Robbie be able to rack up enough points to win?

Note: this book is set in England, so some terms may be confusing. Luckily, there's a short glossary in the back to help. AND! You may learn a few terms to try out in class and confuse your teachers!

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