Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lips Touch

Lips Touch
by Laini Taylor
illustrations by Jim di Bartolo

Three short stories tell the tales of first kisses.

Kizzy has a strange family, strange traditions, and even strange clothes.  But her dreams are those of any girl.  She wants to be loved.  She wants to be adored.  She wants her first kiss to be something amazing.  When a new boy shows up and seems to be the one to fulfill all her dreams, will Kizzy fall for him?  Or will she remember her grandmother's warnings about goblins, temptations, and kisses?

Anamique has been cursed with the most beautiful voice in the world.  And it can literally kill.  One sound coming from her lips has the power to kill everyone around her.  When she falls in love with James, a man who doesn't believe in curses, will she risk the curse to tell him she loves him after their first kiss?

Without knowing it, our world is filled with demons known as Druj.  These immortal creatures have no emotions and no cares even though they sometimes believe that something is missing from their lives.  When the "pet" of the Queen of the Druj gets free with her daughter, events are set in motion that could change everything the Druj have ever known.

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