Thursday, June 17, 2010


by Amanda Marrone

What if Snow White, her Prince Charming, and her Evil Stepmother had been real?

What if the mirror had also been real?

And what if Snow White had been given that magic mirror and handed it down to her descendants?

Megan is about to find out.

And she has to find out while dealing with her boyfriend (who seems to be waaaayyy too close to his female best friend), her mother (who ignores her), a cute guy (who has his own female follower), her dad (who's been in a coma for ten years), and her twin sister (who is a ghost).


You read that right.

Her sister is a ghost.

And she's trying to tell Megan something.

But with everything else going on is Megan's life, can she figure out what her sister is trying to say?

Final thoughts:  Light read.  Not amazing, but not horrendous.  Interesting premise, but could have been executed with a little more flair.

Rating: 3/5

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