Monday, June 7, 2010

Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why
by Jay Asher

Hannah Baker is dead.

She killed herself by taking pills, though no one really knows what happened that day.

She's left behind her parents, her secret crush, her desk that is left empty for her, and... tapes.

7 tapes.

13 messages to 13 people.

13 people who were key to getting her to the point of committing suicide.

13 people who possibly started it.

13 people who could have stopped it.

13 people who must now listen to all 7 tapes all the way through and pass them on by mailing them to the next person on the list.

13 people who must listen and mail on the tapes or a second set will be released publicly and everyone will know their dirty little secrets.

Clay Jensen is one of them.  And now it's his turn.

What secrets will he discover?  How will they change him?

Final thoughts:  This is an amazing book that is still haunting my thoughts.  It was so well written that I wanted to read it in one sitting... but couldn't.  The writing was breathtaking, as was the story.  It was so well written that I often had to put it down and take a few moments to get away from Hannah and her story.  For anyone who's ever been the victim of bullies and wondered what would happen if you just disappeared, this is the book you need.  And, if you really are at that point, call 1-800-SUICIDE.  If you know someone who may be at that point, go to  Just don't let anyone become another Hannah.

Rating: 5/5


Helen's Book Blog said...

I also loved this book so am overjoyed when I see someone else who appreciates it. I got to meet Jay Asher, which was totally cool!

Shayana said...

I am completely jealous of you, Helen!!!!


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