Friday, January 28, 2011

Die for Me

Die for Me
by Amy Plum

After Kate's parents died in a horrific car accident, she and her sister move to Paris, France to live with her grandparents.  While her sister seems determined to ignore her grief by partying every night and flirting with every guys she sees, Kate disappears into her grief and barely leaves her room.

One day, while out in a local cafĂ© trying to return to the real world, Kate spots Vincent.  He's gorgeous.  He's chivalrous.  And he's undead.

Turns out, if you die while trying to save others, there's a possibility that you can come back to life... in a way.  However, once you are brought back, you have an overwhelming urge to save everyone around you.  Of course, it turns out that if you die while betraying and killing someone, you can come back to kill even more.  So there's a war and now Kate's in the middle of it.

Can she open her heart to love and still survive... literally?

Final thoughts:  Checklist time!  Let's see if we can name all the ways this is Twilight for the zombie crew!
1) Girl who thinks she's only plain-looking meets gorgeous boy, compares him to characters from Greek mythology, and doubts he can ever love her the way she loves him.  All the while, said boy is completely in love and thinks she's the most beautiful person ever born, but is always afraid she'll run screaming from him because of what he is.  CHECK!
2) Immortals.  CHECK!
3) Good immortals vs. bad immortals!  It's really all a choice.  CHECK!
4) Supernatural powers to predict the future and manipulate emotions.  CHECK!
5) Girl in the supernatural group who is drawn to the new human chick and they become best friends instantly.  CHECK!
6) Father figure who leads the group and works to keep it from harm while making mad cash so everyone is rich.  CHECK!
7) When kissing boy, girl sometimes forgets to breathe.  Also loses train of thought when looking into his eyes.  CHECK!
8) Girl saved from certain death by Alice/Edward = Charlotte/Vincent.  CHECK!
9) Girl risks self to save family member and is saved by boy she loves.  CHECK!
10) Three days to convert to supernatural being, can't sleep, sometimes cold/dead looking.  CHECK!
11) Boy leaves girl alone to keep her safe/sane, but can't stay away.  CHECK! (though really from New Moon)
12) Girl somehow awesomely able to handle the truth and can even do things that most humans can't, which makes her a perfect addition to the group.  (Oh, yeah.  And almost everyone in the group loves her and would do anything for her.)  CHECK!
... and oh-so-many more similarities.  This could go on for days.

It's Twilight... but as zombies.  Good zombies.  We don't eat humans; we save them! zombies.  Messy. Confusing.  And an obvious knock-off complete with New Moon aspect.  There are two more planned in this knock-off trilogy by all appearances so I'm willing to bet other supernatural beings show up and there may even be a wedding and/or baby in the future for Kate.


Rating: 2/5


Anonymous said...

I really want to read this book! It still sounds interesting to me. You're lucky you scored an ARC.

Shayana said...

Hope you can enjoy it more than I did!

Anonymous said...

Well, Vincent is no Edward Cullen that’s for sure. I don’t know how I feel about this novel. It’s good in some parts and stagnant in others. The Revenant mythology lost me at the whole “astral projection and sixth sense” thing. And sometimes the conversations between Kate and Vincent bored me. Their relationship doesn’t do anything for me. Edward and Bella’s relationship affected me physically. I would get butterflies every time they were together. That does not happen to me when I read about Kate and Vincent. And Kate’s grief over the death of her parents wasn’t convincing enough for me. Die For Me does not have the addictive quality that Twilight has; however, the author is a talented writer.


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