Thursday, February 10, 2011


by Tara Hudson

Amelia doesn't know why it happened or when it happened, but she does know it happened.  She died.  And now she's a ghost in a prom dress who primarily hangs around an old, dangerous bridge over a river.  She's tried talking to people.  She's even screamed at them.  But it does no good.  She can't see them and she hasn't met any other ghosts, so she wanders around lost and alone.

Until one day a car careens off the bridge and Amelia sees a boy floating from the vehicle.  She hears his heartbeat and knows that she has to do something to save him.

Somehow, she does.  And now she can be seen by someone.

Now that Joshua can see her, hear her, and even touch her, Amelia finally has something to live for.  Of course, that's a little difficult seeing as how she's already dead, but neither she nor Joshua seem to mind.

Can Amelia and Joshua find a way to be together when everything and everyone around them seem to be conspiring to keep them apart?

Final thoughts:  I soooo needed this book.  After zombies and dystopias, a good, solid, paranormal romance was exactly what the librarian ordered.  This book is well written, romantic, and suspenseful.  Amelia's quest for self-discovery is perfectly timed and I was hard-pressed to put this one down.  Excellent book.  My only problem is that this is, once again, the first in a trilogy.  For the most part, this book could just end as it is, but the author left a few little tidbits and crumbs about possible storylines that can be used for the future, so it's just a little unfinished.  I really wish that publishers and authors could just put out single volume stories again.

Rating: 5/5


Kelsey said...

Okay, I need to read this now.

Shayana said...

Agreed. It is filled with goodness.

Brodie said...

I am so, so, so excited to get my hands on a copy of this! Not only is the cover absolutely gorgeous but it's my kind of story. So glad you loved this, you've made me even more excited to read it!


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