Friday, February 25, 2011

A Tale of Two Castles

A Tale of Two Castles
by Gail Carson Levine

At just twelve years old Elodie leaves home and sets off aboard ship to the town of Two Castles where she hopes to become a mansioner (actor).  But fate has other plans for her.  She instead becomes the assistant to the town dragon who is an expert in inductive and deductive reasoning.  By paying close attention to her new masteress's teachings and to the world around her, can Elodie figure out who has betrayed the town ogre and poisoned the king?

Final thoughts:  It's a short book talk because the book was just bland.  Levine tried so hard to create this whole new world with new words and a new system of government and education that she completely overshot and made it boring.  I struggled through this one and barely made it to the end.  Honestly, I should have shelved this one after the first couple of chapters.  I have really loved some of Levine's previous work, but this one was just not worth the read.

Rating: 2/5

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Lolene said...

I, also, have been a Gail Carson Levine fan since Ella Enchanted. This book was a huge disappointment to me. I couldn't even finish it. I went online to read someone else's summary just so that I could find out what happened in the end. The only character I really liked was the dragon. Bland, boring, and...blah!!!


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