Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dead Is Not an Option

Dead Is Not an Option
by Marlene Perez

Graduation is on the horizon and Daisy's life is about to change in more ways than she could imagine.

Her nemesis, Circe, is back in town.  The Weres and the vamps are fighting for the first time in decades. Her best friend's dad seems to be rolling in the proceeds of his newest book.  And college acceptance letters are arriving.

Well... They're arriving for everyone else.  

For some reason, Daisy isn't getting her letters.  She also isn't getting Lily and Balthazar changed back from being a jukebox and a pig, respectively.  She isn't getting answers as to where her father had been taken when he was imprisoned by the Scourge. And she sure as heck isn't figuring out what she's going to do if Ryan goes away to college when she still doesn't know where she's going.

But things finally seem to be coming to a boil when vamps and Weres start getting attacked and disappearing, and now Daisy only has a few weeks to solve the mysteries that surround her and her hometown of Nightshade before it's all too late.

And there's Prom to think about, too!

Final thoughts:  Like all the rest in the series, I really like the premise.  Like all the rest, I felt really rushed through it.  Like watching a movie on 2x speed or being dragged through a museum by a stubborn child, there was just NO time to really sit back and enjoy what I had in front of me.  I love Daisy and Ryan, as well as the whole town, but I wanted to savor it more.  The end was a big blur and still felt a little unfinished.  I kept expecting just one more thing to happen or be said to tie it all up, but it just never "completed".  It's still an enjoyable read and the series as a whole is great.

Rating: 3/5

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