Thursday, April 28, 2011


by Josephine Angelini

Helen has always been freakishly strong, freakishly fast, and freakishly beautiful.  She's never understood why she's been so freakishly everything, but she's also freakishly afraid of any attention.  All she wants to do is make it through high school and get off the island of Nantucket that she's lived on for as long as she can remember.

Then Lucas comes to town.

At first, all Helen wants is to murder Lucas.  She's got an extreme need to quite literally kill the most gorgeous boy on Earth, even though she has no idea why.  Of course, the three creepy women who cry tears of blood and appear whenever Lucas is near may have something to do with it.

Things get even more complicated when she finds out that the reason she's so freaky is because she's a demigod, the direct descendant of one of the gods of Greek mythology, and Lucas is the descendant of Apollo, God of the Sun.

No one knows who Helen's descended from, but they know she's an enemy of Lucas's family, and he's not the only family member around.  In fact, there are at least a hundred cousins who would gladly kill her.

Now she's being attacked by different people and, while technically enemies, Lucas has made it his job to protect Helen from those coming after her.

Can they find out who she is and end the blood feud that has been haunting their families for thousands of years?

Final thoughts:  This is one of those books that drags you in and keeps you reading, even when things don't always make sense.  I read an ARC on my Kindle from, so some of the formatting was off, which contributed to the confusion a bit.  Initially, the book seemed entirely from Helen's point of view, and suddenly, for only a paragraph or two here or there, the author would switch viewpoints and then switch it back.  I understand why she felt the need to do it, but it got distracting when the PoV would suddenly change without warning.  Some of the events happened so fast, especially at the end, that they didn't always make sense, and I'm still confused about the last 5% or so, but I'm looking forward to reading the sequel in what I suppose will be yet another trilogy.  I LOVED Helen and Lucas and so very much want them to be able to work this all out (even with all the Bella/Edward undertones haunting the book).  The whole Delos family was just fun to read.
It's Romeo & Juliet meets Greek mythology.

Rating: 4/5

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