Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hard Bitten

Hard Bitten
by Chloe Neill

Things aren't going well for the vamps.  Humans, who had finally seemed to be accepting them, are now protesting outside the Houses.  The vamps are tense after it was found out that one of their own leaders betrayed them.  And the Cadogan House is recovering from serious damage after a major attack.

Now is not a good time for something else to go wrong.

When the mayor of Chicago calls Merit and her House master, Ethan, in for a meeting, it just can't be good news.

It seems that some vamps have gotten out of control and begun attacking humans.  A new drug has hit the street.  A familiar face has appeared.

Oh!  And the leader of the Greenwich Presidium has come to Chicago to inspect Cadogan House and decide its future.

So, no stress.

Final thoughts:  Mind.  Blown.  Neill has completely outdone herself on this one.  While not the best of the Chicagoland Series, this one has the biggest impact.  If you're planning to read this before you read any of the other three... DON'T.  This one has quite a bit of bang for the buck. There are moments when I wondered why Merit and others weren't putting the puzzle together, but even I didn't see a couple of the twists coming.  With each book, Neill is tightening her writing style, so the action and romance are constantly flowing throughout.  I missed Mallory and Catcher; they just weren't in it enough.  But the story really was the focus and it was good.  I've read some reviews that criticize the ending, and I get it, but I'm going with the flow on this and hoping that Neill gives us a good follow-up.  If nothing else, it definitely has an emotional kick.

Rating: 5/5

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