Sunday, May 8, 2011


by Cara Lynn Shultz

Emma's brother died when he was 14, followed shortly by her mother.  After her abusive stepfather nearly kills her while driving drunk and getting into a huge accident, Emma finally decides to take up her aunt on her offer to move in with her in New York.

Now she's enrolled in an ultra-expensive, ultra-exclusive high school as a junior and she just wants to get through as anonymously as possible.

But being anonymous is difficult for her when she ticks off the most powerful girl in school the first day, seems to blow up all the light bulbs around her, becomes friends with the school's leading witch, and falls completely head over heels for the most gorgeous guy who ever walked the earth (who happens to be in her English class).

All the signs, both in life and in her dreams, are telling her to stay away from Brendan, but how can she when he's suddenly become all she can think about?

Final thoughts:  Turn off your brain for this one.  Just enjoy the ride.  If you stop to think all of the details, you'll miss out on a fun tale.  It's like a great meal, with a slightly weird aftertaste.  There were also some formatting issues on my Kindle for this copy from, so even though the book was done and there were thank yous from the author, I suddenly found myself in what I believe is the epilogue.  The ending was a little sudden and felt a little forced.  The epilogue leads me to think this is yet another trilogy.  And the Twilight similarities haunt this book as they haunt so many now.  But it's still a fun read and good for any lover of YA teen romances.

Rating: 4/5

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