Wednesday, November 30, 2011


by Gena Showalter

If there is anyone who could use a few minutes by himself, it's Aden Stone.  Except he's never alone.  Aden has four souls living in his brain.  They've been there as long as he can remember.  None of them know how they got there.
Unfortunately, while the souls can speak inside Aden's mind, Aden can only communicate with them by speaking out loud and this leads to everyone physically around him thinking that he's completely insane.

It doesn't help that each of the souls has a power that can transfer to Aden when needed.  One can travel through time.  One raises the dead.  One can predict the future. And one can possess any human with physical contact.

The future predicting soul has seen a girl who will be Aden's dream and his nightmare.  He's also seen that one of the souls will be freed if the right choices are made. 

So now Aden has to find the girl and make all the right choices to either save himself or destroy himself.

Final thoughts:  UGH!  I swear, I've almost forgotten how to use my Kindle because I've avoided it so much as I've been reading this book.  I tried and tried and tried to finish this thing.  Kindle says I'm at 76%.  But I just can't force myself anymore.  This is a mess.  It starts off with Aden "accidentally" raising the dead when he wanders into a graveyard and then there is the girl he has a physical reaction to whenever she comes near, the vampire, the werewolf, the "powers" that for some reason have to all be demonstrated one after the other, the obligatory and repetitive references to people thinking he's insane (or, at least, highly unstable, which he seems to be), etc...  Plus he's a badass with weapons tucked into his boots, but is a wimp who is constantly worrying more often than not and making horrible choices (lucky for him that his vampire girlfriend can screw with people's memories and cover his mistakes).  There was just too much here trying to cover too much ground and not really getting anything done.  I literally put down the Kindle and ignored it for a week, opened it for an hour of struggling through this, and then closed it for another week.

Ah, Amazon... you have failed me with you recommendation.

Rating: 1/5

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