Sunday, July 1, 2012

Before I Wake

Before I Wake
by Rachel Vincent

Now that Kaylee's undead, you'd think things would be easier.

She can now become spectral or corporeal at will.  She and her undead boyfriend can be together without her father even knowing.  And she definitely doesn't have to worry about dying... again.

But her soul is still at risk from a hellion who is completely obsessed with her.  Other undeads are disappearing all around her.  And previously dead (absolutely, completely dead) people are starting to appear around town.

It's enough to make any undead girl a little worried, especially when she now has to work with her frenemies without screaming at them (very unproductive) and try to get her ex and her current boyfriend to work together (a herculean task all its own).

Time is definitely running out.

Final thoughts:  This one was starting to tick me off.  Kaylee's coming to grips with being undead, and I get that that's hard.  However, Nash was annoying and whiny, as was Sabine, Sophie, and Kaylee's dad.  And Kaylee herself has gone from being a steady rock of dependent kick-assery to being completely indecisive and gullible.  I kept wondering if being undead also meant that Kaylee had lost her badass-ness.  It looks like there's one book left.  I hope Vincent can bring it all together and make me love Kaylee and company again.

Rating: 3/5

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