Thursday, July 12, 2012

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop

How long does it take you to read a book?

A good book = less than a day and then I immediately want to read another book
A mediocre book = slows down my whole cycle, often leading to me not reading for a week or more because I'm reluctant to read the so-so book and I don't like giving up on a book unless it's so horrible I can't stand it anymore (only two or three times ever).  I also hate reading more than one book at a time; I'm just not wired to go back and forth between worlds.
A bad book = these can go either way; I can slog through it slowly or speed through it in desperation to get through to the end.
No matter what, my Kindle has made my life with books so completely different and amazing.  NetGalley has been heaven sent and reading ARCs on my Kindle is so much fun!  If you haven't registered with them yet... do it!


The Literary Lioness said...

I love my Kindle, too! I still love physical books, but my Kindle is great!

Hopping by from Book Blogger Hop! I'm now following you (gee, I sound like a stalker!)

Vonnie Rivera said...

I actually read 2-3 (sometimes but rarely 4) books at the same time. I know...

Here's my answer:

Rachel Cotterill said...

Even with a really good book, I have to have a nice free day (or a flight/train journey) to be able to finish a book in one day :-)

Jennifer Waggoner Hartling said...

Mediocre books are the hardest for me too! There's always part of me that wants to finish the story and then the other part of me wants to throw the book across the room, lol ;)

Katie Marie said...

I'm such a fast reader, but really only if the book is good and I have the time to just sit down and read. Unfortunately, I haven't had that time lately :(


Leanne Yang said...

Is there ever a time where a bad book is SO bad, that you just stop reading ?

Shayana said...

@Leanne - The Fetch by Laura Whitcomb and Feed by MT Anderson. With The Fetch, I couldn't even get past the third or fourth chapter; it was just a mess. The Feed just wasn't that interesting to me.

Milka said...

I am kinda same with you - if the book is good, i read it right away. If it is a bore, it might take ages for me.

Buffi Neal said...

I to have trouble reading mediocre books, but the ones I love I can breeze through them in a few days
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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.


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