Tuesday, August 14, 2012


by C. J. Skuse

Jody is completely and totally in love!  He's the most amazing guy ever!!  He's the only one who truly understands her!!!

He's rock GOD Jackson Gatlin, lead singer of The Regulators, and Jody knows that if she can just get to the front of the crowd at his next concert, he'll see her and fall head over heels in love with her.

Of course, nothing ever turns out the way Jody hopes.

Sure! She gets the rock god back home; he's now living in her garage.  But it wasn't true love that brought him there; it was her accidentally kidnapping him that did it.

Things are looking pretty bad.

They look even worse when Jackson refuses to leave...

Final thoughts:  Cute concept poorly executed.  Jody is a complete idiot.  From start to finish, she can't seem to make a single decent decision.  The big question is really why anyone would put up with her.  The circumstances of the "kidnapping" all the way through to the end had no believability.  Thank goodness for Mac and Cree!

Rating: 2/5

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