Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars
by Allison Rushby

Josephine Foster, a.k.a. "Zo Jo", is one of the hottest new papaparazzos on the Hollywood scene.  At 16, she's tiny enough to pass for 11, which means she can get in to places that other members of the paparazzi can't.  It's her job to get pics of the celebrities and the more embarrassing the pics, the better.  If she can catch Justin Bieber peeing in a bush, she could get tens of thousands from the tabloids.

Now she's been given an undercover assignment.  Teen superstar Ned Hartnett comes out of seclusion, only to "collapse" in public then go to a rehab retreat in Boston and Jo's been sent in to get exclusive pics.  

With this, she can finally afford the tuition to a photography school and get out of the business for good.  With this, she can finally stop getting stepped on, cursed, hit, and reviled.  

Without this, she might be able to find love... with the target of her assignment: Ned Hartnett.

Final thoughts:  It's cotton candy time!  This is fluffy and mindless.  There are tons of unbelievable situations, but it's still fun.  Of course, there is the frustrating attempt by the author to get into the minds of the paparazzi and "justify" their points of view.  It's made up for a bit at the end, but it was annoying to read the "celebrities need us as much as we need them" and "if the public didn't buy the magazines, we'd quit because we'd be out of work" arguments.  Jo grows and there was a nice little twist in the middle, so it was entertaining, but will probably never be a "must-read".

Rating: 3/5

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