Friday, February 15, 2013

House Rules

House Rules
by Chloe Neill

Even though she's been a vampire for less than a year, Merit has probably seen more, done more, and dealt with more problems than most other vamps combined.  

She's saved Chicago, and the vamps within its limits, multiple times, with the help of her boyfriend and House Master, Ethan, her partner in the secret vamp group, Jonah, and a number of other supernaturals and vampires everywhere.

Now, in the middle of the Cadogan House's most dangerous undertaking (separating from the Greenwich Presidium, the vampire governing agency), suddenly vampires are being murdered.

Once again, Merit has to track down a killer and save her House even as the House takes on its biggest challenge.

Final thoughts:  Yet another winner from Neill!  Now that Merit and Ethan seem to have finally gotten through most of their problems (but not all, as evidenced by a major issue in the book), the books can focus on other characters and mysteries.  I'm not sure how much more the story can stretch, though, and I really hope she doesn't push this too far and ruin what's been going so well so far.

Rating: 4/5

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