Sunday, February 10, 2013

The S-Word

The S-Word
by Chelsea Pitcher

Before her death, Lizzie had been invisible most of her life, until she got caught by her best friend in bed with her best friend's boyfriend.  Suddenly she became the most well-known face on campus and she had a new nickname: Slut.

After her death, she became Suicide Slut.

Now, someone is defacing her locker and passing around pages of her diary, sharing secrets no one knew before she jumped to her death at school.

Angie, her best friend and the person who should be angriest at Lizzie, is determined to find out the truth, even if that means destroying everyone around her in the process.

Final thoughts: What a mess!  This book is almost schizophrenic in its storytelling.  Angie seems to be having a psychological breakdown throughout the book and the final third is just a confusing mass of something indescribable.  There are pages that are almost completely dialogue with no description and it reads like a one-sided phone conversation.  A crucial piece of the puzzle goes undescribed for pages while the characters TALK about it, but take forever to say what it is they are talking about.  It's completely unbelievable and strange.  And the end is just weird.

Rating: 2/5

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