Thursday, May 30, 2013

Demonic Dora

Demonic Dora
by Claire Chilton

After years of dealing with her televangelist father and former stripper/born-again mother, Dora has gotten tired of the constant Bible thumping.  Now that she's finally got the missing ingredient, she can summon a demon, do some damage, and get the heck out of town.

Unfortunately, the demon she summoned is a teenage boy who can't seem to get spells right, but does seem to have the hots for Dora.  After nearly getting burned at the stake by her own parents, Dora and her demon take a portal to Hell to hide out.

But Hell isn't everything Dora thought it was and it's going to take everything she has (and a few things that she doesn't) to survive.

Final thoughts:  This is completely schizophrenic.  The writing style feels like it's meant for middle school, but the foul language and constant references to sex are meant for an older audience.  The plot itself is full of holes (and HUGE time/location jumps with no warning), as it goes from comedy, to romance, to mystery as if imitating a fly in a room; it zooms all over with no consistent path or pattern.  It's got some decent moments, but it's really not very good and I didn't even care about the cliffhanger.

Rating: 2/5

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