Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Mind Readers

The Mind Readers
by Lori Brighton

All her life, Cameron has had to hide her ability to read minds.  Every time someone even suspects she might be talented, her grandmother moves them somewhere else.  She's always had to live with the fear that "they" are coming to get her and she must stay away from them.

After a murder in her current small town, Cam realizes that she can do some good by stopping the murderer before he strikes again.  Helping to push her on is the new, mysterious Lewis, a cute new student who just showed up and seems to know more about her than anyone else.

Lewis has a few secrets of his own, and when he shows Cameron that there are others who understand her and can help her control her abilities, Cam knows this is an opportunity that she can't ignore.

But just because she has found people who know what she's going through, that doesn't mean she can trust them.

Final thoughts: Ok. Not fabulous.  I get that Cam's going through some major stuff, but she comes off really naive and kind of whiny.  Too many things never added up in the story and other things were so obviously wrong that you're shocked that Cam can't see it.  ::SPOILER:: If Aaron can erase memories, why not just erase Cam's memories of the world outside his camp and keep her around? He seems manipulative enough that he'd be willing to do anything to keep her around, not just let her go.::END SPOILER::

Rating: 3/5

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