Thursday, September 26, 2013


by Sarah Skilton

Imogen has spent a large part of her life in martial arts.  She's the youngest person in her dojang to earn a first degree black belt and she's confident in her abilities.

Until that night.

Until the diner.

Until the moment when she couldn't save anyone.

Not even herself.

Now she needs to find a way to believe in herself again. 

She needs to find a way to forgive those who need it most, especially herself.

Final thoughts: A good story about a girl who thought she was strong, but suddenly felt weak.  Imogen struggles to relate to everyone around her, and the tale is compelling.  She makes every mistake a person can make in an attempt to figure out who she really is.  While the ending wraps up a little unrealistically, it's still a good read, esp. for teens who might be suffering PTSD.

Rating: 4/5

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