Friday, October 4, 2013


by Kendare Blake

The gods of old are dying.  Hermes is wasting away to the point that he looks severely anorexic.  Hera is slowly turning to stone.  Poseidon is starting to look like the ocean floor.  Demeter is one giant, thin piece of desert spread out over miles.  And Athena is being slowly drowned and destroyed by owl feathers.

They don't know why they are suddenly and truly dying, but they do know the end is near.

They also know that the reincarnated heroes of the Trojan War are the only ones who can help them, even if they don't know how.

Now the hunt has focused on Cassandra, the reincarnated prophetess who had been cursed during the Trojan War with stunningly accurate visions that no one would ever believe.  Her death was hideous and cruel and the very gods who lead her to that awful death are the ones who most need her help.

Can she find her true self in time?  And will she help those responsible for her cruel death thousands of years ago?

Final thoughts: First, just because it bugged me throughout the entire novel, the plural of Cyclops is Cyclopes. With an E. Please fix that, Ms. Blake, because it's really annoying to try and figure out if you're referring to one or more than one.  And, yes, cyclops is the plural of modern one-eyed creatures, but when it comes to the Cyclopes of Greek Mythology, the word has an E.

Ok.  The shifting perspectives had a definite shift in voice, so that was good.  However, I kept having to readjust in each chapter between the two voices, and that got a little tedious.
So Cassandra and Odysseus just happened to have been given their historical names at birth, despite no one knowing who they were then, but Hector and Andromache did not? 
Finally, WHY DID YOU END IT THAT WAY!?!?!  Ms. Blake, you set up this whole set of relationships and family and then chop it all up in one chapter.  That's just mean.

Rating: 3/5

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