Wednesday, April 30, 2014


by Veronica Roth

The simulation that took the minds of the Dauntless has ended.  Most of the Abnegation are dead in the streets.  Those who survived are on the run.  And Tris must face the horrible truths of the deaths caused by her own hand.

The few remaining Dauntless, now free of the simulation's effects, must find allies where there may be none and they must find answers when others want only to be ignorant.

Will Tris and Tobias find the truth or will their world come crumbling down before what's real and what's simulation can be truly identified.

Final thoughts:  OMG!  It's an M. Night Shyamalan ending!  Are you freaking kidding me?!?!  Seriously?  Come ON!  So very frustrating!

I started off a little bugged because this book started off right after Divergent, which is a book I haven't read since it came out, so it's been a while and I've forgotten almost all of it.  Most sequels have a chapter or two to get you back into the swing of things and remind you about the plot, but this just dumps the reader in and basically yells, "SINK OR SWIM, BABY!"  Needless to say, I sank a little.  By the time I came up and started really swimming, I was into the story, but it felt forced.  The chemistry between Beatrice/Tris and Tobias/Four just wasn't as amazing as I (kind of) remembered.  Tris seems to have some sort of death wish, a la Bella Swan, including walking into a situation where she's pretty much guaranteed to die.  She lies constantly to the love of her life and feels bad about it, but never changes anything.  Tobias tends to be more than a little possessive and controlling, and yet still doesn't really get much done.  I'm glad I finally read it, but the ending especially just made me groan and glare at the sky in frustration.

Rating: 3/5

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